Jerry’s Foodtruck – also known as the most wildly addictive canteen ever – can now be yours!

High-quality sweet streetfood made from top-notch ingredients that can all be put together right in front of you and in the exact way you like it!  This unique, stylish and innovative concept packaged in a fun foodtruck façade, combined with the brand’s free-spirited and playful personality, is the reason that our donuts & tsoureki (sweet bread) are the most well-known in Greece!  Our extensive and creative line-up of pralines, candy and chocolate toppings all come together to create a ridiculously delicious dessert that keeps you wanting more!

If you would like to become an owner of the most sinfully delicious canteen and have all eyes on you as you go cruising around in your neighborhood in #JerrysFoodtruck, well then the only thing you have to do is fill out the inquiry form below.