For all the important events of your life, Jerry’s the Foodtruck is here for you! We love to take care of you and treat you with the most delicious and stylish products! In our catering catalog you will find various imaginative sweet options that will satisfy you and your guests!


It would be our great pleasure to take care of your catering menu for your sweetest moment.
If you feel the same way, then keep reading!



Jerry’s team is ready to make your wishes come true! In order to be able to give your party the “sweetest” taste possible, we will need the following information:

    Below, you can see the service options that we can provide you and if you check our attached list, you will find the sweet suggestions that we can prepare for you.


    Our delicacies can be adapted to your needs in terms of quantities, flavors and the way of presentation.


    Option 1 (pick up from the store):


    Few hours before your event, Jerry’s staff will prepare exactly what you have chosen to sweeten you and your guests. Always with the exact same freshness, quality and care.

    (All our delicacies are prepared in a perfect way, respecting all the rules of preparation, transport and presentation to your guests, according to the latest health protocols.)


    Option 2 (transfer to the event venue):


    In this selection, Jerry’s staff will take care of you by transporting the products of your choice to your place! All you have to do is indicate the exact time of your event.

    (In case you have hired a company/office to organize your event, we are happy to work with them.)


    Bellow you can find our catering menu:


    For any clarification we remain at your disposal.


    You can contact the store nearest to you or send us an email at for any further information.